Potters Crouch

Potters Crouch craft some of the finest candles and room fragrances available today. Their attention to superior quality and design brings their standard of perfumery up to nothing short of a work of art.

Our task was to create a brand marketing identity to reflect their handcrafted, traditional products and to engage their customers in a more confident way.


All the most famous logo designs have one thing in common: they instantly communicate a strong brand message. Here at aitch we believe that the brand image should encompass the unique personality and ethos of a company in a clear and simple manner.



Our challenge was to reflect the Potters Crouch experience, expertise and overall heritage in a contemporary environment. To this end, we created branding that was engaging, enticing and conveyed our core brand message of quality and tradition.


The world is a highly visual place and most individuals read through sight first and foremost. One aspect of any brand that is not only highly visible, but also has a hefty deal of psychological meaning to individuals, is colour!

Here at aitch:creative all our corporate guidelines are carefully planned and simplified to ensure the greatest clarity and concise execution of the brand in all scenarios. Our Corporate Brand Guideline Design for Potters Crouch is no exception.


Since rebranding, Potters Crouch has seen a three fold increase in sales. On the back of this we wanted to realign their advertising design from the traditionally product-based, to more of a lifestyle brand. This years advertising focuses on ‘setting the mood’ within the home using a couch center stage while evoking a feeling of being outdoors with atmospheric beach and woodland and imagery. Advertising will be part of the main stay of their core social media campaigns for which we also generate 3d renders and photoshopped product placements.

Exhibition Stand Graphics

An exhibition at Glee 2017 required the creation of numerous visuals to conceive and illustrate the stand layout, point of sale units and useable and visible areas.. Entirely self contained, the final artwork for the stand utilised all angles to maximise sales packaging and also promote individual fragrances.

BRAND EXTENSION: The roman range

We were asked to develop concepts for packaging and sales support materials that brought a very different look to Potters Crouch’s new range of ‘masculine’ fragranced candles.

The Roman Range are heavy, elegant, understated – yet sensitively accented with coloured tones selected to compliment the fragrance.