A Love Affair With Chocolate And Branding

A Love Affair With Chocolate And Branding

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It may have been mentioned that we have sweet tooth(s), maybe sweet teeth … or would it be aitch:creative has a sweet tooth?

Regardless – we like sweet things here – so when Ellie brought in a HUGE bag of Quality Street – our eyes lit up!

As the bag (now open and heavily depleted) sits at the juncture of all our desks – it’s well within my sight line (a blessing and a curse!) and I can see it in my peripheral vision at all times (which is really bad for my waistline – as my self-control is dismal).

It was over an hour (of munching) before I noticed the logo.

Now, much as I love sweets, I really love logos! A well designed and executed logo – especially as part of a great brand – is a wonderful thing and one of those things that I have twisted MANY an ear over here at aitch towers


The British Library Logo

Quality Street have updated their logo (well, it’s not quite like I remember it!) and it’s got a lot of lovely details that run out into the brand.

Yeah, by all means call me out as a design-nerd, but to be honest, that’s kind of what I get paid to be! These details – the things I appreciate in others’ logo design, are the things I look to execute in my own designs.

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Have you noticed the Quality Street Logo before?

It all started with noticing how the swash from the Q meets the Y and holds the whole logo together.

The letter spacing is gorgeous, and the interaction of curves is magnificent.

And where letterforms are combined (like the a and l) is clearly done with pride and care.

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Balanced, elegant, clean and simple. What I would call contemporary timeless! A real revision that has elevated the brand from a little ‘fun’ – to an evergreen classic. Lovely.

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Then tiny details, like the ‘dots’ being the individual shapes and colours of the actual chocolate selection and the re-instatement of the man and woman characters – now sharing or exchanging chocolates; but ‘together’.

Oh, it occurs to me that this may come across as a paid endorsement … it’s no such thing! I simply think it’s nice to share a bit of love when you see something that you think worthy of comment. We didn’t design this, nor know who did! I just wanted to share my thoughts.

That said – if Nestle or any affiliates are reading and want to send samples: I like the PURPLE one the best!!

If you want to see what we do, how we could help build your brand, or if you’re thinking of reviewing your brand; please drop the team at aitch a line and let’s have a chat.

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