Designers are not artists. We employ artistic methods to visualise thinking and process, but, unlike artists, we work to solve a client’s problem, not present our own view of the world.

Erik Spiekermann : European Ambassador for Innovation and Creativity

Design is a process. A service delivered through a combination of communication, experience and expertise.

[ It’s not magic, and it’s not mind reading ]

We think it’s important to let you know about us – how we work, what we do, how we do it and how good clients fit into the process.

Here at aitch:creative, we pride ourselves on being able to help clients out of sticky situations, turn things around in miracle times and amaze you with jaw-droppingly creative ideas. However it helps the whole process if we work together smoothly. You may already be experienced in writing a creative design brief, if not this guide is intended to act as a starting point. So that you can understand our process, and in turn, hopefully ease any potential bumps out of the journey.

Our Process :

Every good design project begins with a great story. Tell us yours. 

We want to know all about you, your company and the project … We know, and work on the principle that ‘Design is not just how it looks, but how it works!’ (paraphrasing Steve Jobs). And we want to ensure that everything works as hard as it can for you.

1: Project Questionnaire

A completed Project Request Form will tell us about your goals, vision and inspiration. Often this is enough to give us all the information we need, sometimes we need a further chat to clarify the requirements. No problem if you don’t like forms – we’ll call you back and go through the project over the phone.

2: Design Proposal

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll send you a Design Proposal. This will fully outline the details and scope of your project, and you can easily e-sign it online. We’ll then draft an estimate for the required work. We’ll be really clear on exactly what your money is spent on, and GUARANTEE that we’ll make it worth your while. Our estimate will also come with a proposed timeline for the project. This will include milestones for delivery of materials (what we need from you) and subsequent delivery of initial concepts. We allow for a couple of rounds of reviews, amends and adjustments, then supply you with final files.

3: Research and concepts

We’ll send a contract of agreement, and an invoice for 50% of the estimate value. Once this is paid, we can agree our timeline and you’ll be added to our production schedule. We’ll then get underway with our research, communicating with you on any questions you have and any further details we need. We’ll make sure we thoroughly understand your company, your market sector, your competitors and comparables. We also always research the rest of the market, to see what others are doing well and what just doesn’t work.

4: Initial visuals

At aitch:creative we don’t assign projects to individuals – every member of our team is involved in brainstorming, research, branding perspectives and critique at each stage of the project. On the planned date, if not before, we will deliver first-look concepts. You’ll also receive a detailed explanation* of the rationale behind the decisions.
* We love explaining all this in person, to get your immediate feedback. And because we love witnessing the looks on our clients’ faces! But if that’s not convenient to you, we’ll send you a PDF with all the information.

5: Feedback and review

This is a fundamental stage before reaching the end result. We want to hear your take on any plusses and minuses. We’ll discuss where we are, and where we need to go. This is very often a simple process of elimination. Once both sides are 100% happy with the new position, we’ll work through any new developments to reach the right result, returning revisions you in PDF.

6: Final File Supply

When the artwork is signed off, you will receive all the appropriate files for your project, in print or digital format. We keep copies of ALL of the files in our archive, at no extra charge, charging only a nominal fee for retrieval and resupply.

Any questions?

Drop us a line – we’ll be happy to talk anything through with you.
Otherwise, simply email over a brief to get started.