Can we make it better?

Can we make it better?

Published by November 22, 2020 2:39 pm Comments Off on Can we make it better?

We’ve all been there.

You’re working on your own on an exciting and engaging design project and you’re ploughing through it with gusto, happy and you think that that you’re doing a great job…


Sometimes you’re hit with the crippling self-doubt. Is this actually great work? Is this on-brief? Does it meet our objectives?


You send it off to the client, and are stunned when they come back with questions and comments that seem completely out of the blue. How did I not see this coming?

And that’s when you know that you should have had a second opinion before you shared your work. Two (or more) heads really are better than one.

An objective eye, an angel/ demon on the shoulder questioning your decisions, a question that illustrates how your work could be mis-interpreted, what about we try another version …

All of these things can ONLY make your work better. They open up your thinking. They give perspective. They are there to help, not judge, not criticise – but to build.

I know this because I am fortunate enough to work as part of a team. A candid and talented team who have the quality and effectiveness of the work as our end goal And they ensure that it does the best job for the client.

I’m not claiming to be great, better than anyone else or anything grandiose like that. But I do have experience under my belt, and a team who make me better, every. single. day.

I wrote this post for you if you are currently working alone. Whether you’re part of an in-house department who is working form home, or a freelancer, or a sole trader, or a student who is just entering the world of work.

If you are working alone – would you benefit from fresh eyes and an opinion? Could you drop a line to a designer that you respect and ask for their opinion?

If you don’t have that relationship, or are not comfortable asking, then I’m offering. Would it be useful to have someone else review your work? Maybe talk you through it on a Zoom (or similar) call? To offer alternatives and ideas?

And hopefully – other folks will add their names in the comments (please do!) and if it takes off and people see the benefit, then maybe we can build a supportive community.

I wondered if we (yes, you too, lovely reader!) could offer help to these people, and share, and support them by offering a remote reviewing service.

If you are experienced – could you offer this service too?

So, if you’re one of the folks who want to be involved in some way – drop me a DM, or post comment and let’s see if we can make things better together.

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