How To Have Your Cake and Brand it

How To Have Your Cake and Brand it

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Who doesn’t love cake? – all of us at aitch towers, to our detriment, love the sweet things in life.

So, when renowned cake maker Natalie Porter approached us to help with her brand, we jumped at the chance. Naturally she introduced herself to us with accompanying samples – yum! She knows how to win over an agency!

Natalie is an amazingly talented and prestigious Award Winning Cake Decorator, journalist and the founder and owner of Immaculate Confections.

She first started making cakes about seven years ago, when she decided to take on the challenge of creating her own wedding cake and since then she has made hundreds of wedding cakes, writes frequently for cake magazines and has invented the Rapid Rose (amongst other products) – her signature tool and method for making sugar roses.


We started with the brand, putting Natalie’s name centre stage to support the reputation she has built for herself within the industry. The nature of her work is hands on, personal and individual; so it was key to bring that sense of personality and a human touch through to her logo and brand. We wanted free and elaborate letterforms that underpin her creativity, but with optimum legibility; all combined with a bright, sugary primary colour scheme!

The Book

Natalie wanted to expand her offering; from writing articles and teaching classes on sugar flowers and cake decoration to publishing some amazing hints and tips for sugar flower excellence; all detailed in her own book.

Over the years she says she has had the absolute pleasure of teaching many wonderful people how to create cakes and sugar flowers through classes and many live cake shows and online demonstrations. The book therefore became an opportunity to reach more fellow cakers and answer questions, in her own inimitable style, helping anyone trying to master cake design with how to achieve similarly stunning results.

The book is a ‘how to’ guide giving step by step instructions to create beautiful sugar creations.

At the inception of the project, we created a series of initial design concepts to establish a look and feel for Natalie to select.

From her selection and feedback, we created a set of adaptable page templates for Natalie, so that she could write and plan out the book as a whole as well as planning her step by step guides.

Working together to put her ideas down on paper, over many months we offered design tips, art direction advice and help with content planning.

To complete the circle, we ‘polished’ the final book, making sure all the t’s were crossed and i’s dotted to ensure this beautiful creation was ready for the printing press.

It was a pleasure working with Natalie and great to see her ideas shape into this stunning book which was eagerly anticipated by both existing and new fans.


Natalie also sells a range of tools that she uses to create her stunning sugar flowers, so it made sense to tie the design of these in with the showstopping look of the book.

It’s a fantastic project that we have been very proud to be part of! We think Natalie was pleased with the results, as what she wrote in our copy of the book would certainly hint at it.

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