Peppa Pig World of Play – A project with Merlin Entertainments

Peppa Pig World of Play – A project with Merlin Entertainments

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We’re proud of the work we do here at aitch:creative and are super-honoured to have partnered with some of the biggest names across a variety of industries. One of those names is known the world over and consistently brings a delighted smile to children’s faces – it’s Peppa Pig.

We’ve worked on countless Peppa Pig campaigns for the entirety of her lifespan and consider ourselves very much ensconced in the DNA of the brand. So, we were really pleased to be considered a prime option when it came to helping out with the brand look and feel for the launch of Peppa Pig World of Play together with Merlin Entertainments.

Peppa Pig World of Play is an indoor play attraction for pre-school kids and their families. Its first site was opened in Shanghai at the end of last year by the team at Merlin Entertainments.

Merlin Entertainments is a global leader in location-based, family entertainment. As one of the world’s largest attraction operators, they create and deliver memorable, immersive brand experiences for millions of guests worldwide.

Their passion is putting smiles on people’s faces and giving customers the most memorable experiences. Through creativity and a relentless drive for excellence they aim to immerse their visitors in their brands, constantly delighting them and enriching their understanding through fun learning.

They love what they do, and we love what we do! It reads like a perfect match!

Where Peppa Pig World of Play (PPWoP) differs from other themed play attractions is how the experience is delivered to the visitors, being carefully planned to deliver varied types of learning play whilst mixing with all the children’s favourite characters, there are also golden selfie moments and photo opportunities – all with Peppa Pig and her friends! The reaction on the faces of the young fans as they enter the attraction is both wonderful and magical!

What we did

With all this in mind, the aitch team were tasked with creating the PPWoP branding specifically for the project. From logo concepts, brand guidelines, merchandise and incentive product concepts, signage, advertising materials, digital assets, through to packaging for food and beverage. In addition, there were Peppa Pig branded concepts for forthcoming seasonal themes and customised activity packs.

Add to the mix gifts, uniform designs, launch collateral and wall display graphics; as well as materials for PR, early bird reward schemes, maps and screen graphics, hoardings, out of home advertising, plus art direction on a promo shoot. You name it, aitch:creative were involved in it.

We have worked on many of the elements for campaigns such as this, but never in such a holistic manner, and where our input was truly valued, encouraged and ongoing.

It could have seemed a daunting task, but we have really enjoyed the opportunity to be genuinely creative and bring our Peppa Pig ideas and concepts to the table. We were given freedom to play; something that doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. This was in no small part down to the Brand Team at Merlin who are a delight to work with – calm, understanding and open to ideas; driven by the passion of delivering great experiences to their guests.

How we did it

We were entirely elemental with how we approached the project. It was brand first, with everything trickling down from that. We developed the logo, of which there were several stages and iterations, before landing on one that simply encompassed the fun of the attraction. Then on to a Key Visual that had to capture the appeal and clearly sell the proposition. The Brand Guide was developed to cover off all scenarios for usage of graphics, how their staff look and how they interact with the customers and the characters.

Whilst we had to work within licensor guidelines, as well as our own whilst delivering a standout global brand!

Probably our biggest challenge was keeping the whole thing quiet while we worked on it; but we value the trust invested in us, not just for our creativity and vision, but for our discretion.

It means the world to us.

The result

We’re tickled pink (see what we did there) to know that our client was so happy with the results; something reflected in our ongoing mutually satisfying partnership.

Our takeout from this as an agency? It’s gratifying both having and knowing the limitations of your ballpark and still getting something on-brand that truly satisfies the client, appeals to the target market and is fun for ultimate recipient – the children.

It was great fun for us big kids, too.

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