Edward Gordon Craig campaign

Stevenage Arts Guild

This was an interesting and varied proposition where the branding was both interchangeable and fluid through the course of the project. The original brief was to encapsulate the modern take on the Forgotten Son. One of Stevenage’s longest standing landmarks, the Gordon Craig Theatre, is integral to the town. But the organisers wanted to pose the question : Why is the theatre so named, and Who IS Gordon Craig?

Audience-appropriate Brand

As this was to be the mainstay of a six month exhibition at the Stevenage Museum, and the launch point of a supporting website – the brand needed a modern twist with a classic reference. We elected for the bright shocking pink and contemporary typography to juxtapose with the traditional wood-cut style illustration.

To develop the brand further, and for the assets that we created for the Education Pack, we developed and styled the story with careful use of visuals and language to establish a more ‘punk’ ethos and to emphasise that Gordon Craig rejected confory and was a pioneer of new ideas and approaches to the theatre, that he was both a rebel and a prophet This was geared toward a younger and more rebellis audience – we wanted to evoke an identification with rejec the establishment and that pushing forward with new ideas was not something new, but was indeed something to aspire to, work for and explore.

Following on from the Museum exhibition – much of the content was to be repurposed into a pared-down version which would occupy a specific high-traffic area in the Theatre itself. The brand needed to fit in unobtrusively with the Theatre itself, creating an inviting and engaging space, but being more of an informative portal than an actual exhibition. As such, the brand identity needed to ‘quieten down’ and take a more mature standpoint – with more muted, classy colours and typography.


Initially the site was to be a supporting facility for the Museum Exhibition, to add richness and detail to the information on the Panels, but was also growing as THE defacto information and image repository for all things Craig. It was to be visually appealing, warm, inviting and easy to navigate, with many picture and Film galleries, vast amounts of back-story, historical fact and information about how and where Edward Gordon Craig came from, his story and how it led to directly influence the style of theatre that we enjoy today.

Stevenage Museum Exhibition Graphics

With the wealth of amazing artefacts, prints, photographs and information, not to mention models and AV materials – we had the wonderful job of helping set-dress the cabinets with inner wraps, information panels, a complicated timeline and a huge ‘mind map’ by way of an intro graphic to the exhibition.
The show was a great success with greatly increased foootfall to the museum both during the course of the Gordon Craig exhibition, and subsequently.

Educational Resources

Available through the Gordon Craig website we created a selection of teaching-support educational resources – aimed at helping keep Gordon Craig as a relevant and enjoyable part of the sylabus, including a downloadable booklet with information, excercises and lesson resources, as well as a punk-styled Mind Map which encapsulates the themes and drivers.

Static Exhibition in the Gordon Craig Theatre

The Museum exhibition was repurposed and redesigned to give a condensed and more intimate version of the story of Gordon Craig’s life and his theories, writings and teachings.