The Familiar Fingers of Culture

We were very pleased to work again with talented director Conscian Morgan. He asked us to create key art and a movie poster design for his intense horror short film. It’s a real character-piece that is rich and involving and gorgeous to watch. Until it’s not – and everything turns a big corner.

This superb short is visually rich, and widely acclaimed, winning : Best Actress – British Horror Film festival 2018 / Award of Excellence, Special Mention – Best Shorts 2018 / Best of the Festival – That Film Festival, Berlin 2019.

Movie Key art concepts

The Familiar Fingers of Culture is a dark psychological horror that explores our societies’ extremes through the point of view of a high-class escort and mother of one. Having viewed (and re-viewed) the short, Conscian provided us with a selection of on-set stills and screen captures from the finished short to help us develop a variety of character and emotionally-driven atmospheric designs.

Movie Poster Design concepts

Featured here are a few of the initial concepts for the festival poster art.