Immaculate Confections

Book One: Sugar Flowers

The amazingly talented, prestigious Cake Decorator and journalist Natalie Porter asked us to help create her newly published instructional book on making beautiful sugar flowers, that walks through any novice baker to create these show-stopping sugar creations at home!


We started with the brand, putting Natalie centre stage to support the reputation she has built for herself within the industry over the years. The nature of her work is hands on, personal and individual so it was key to bring that sense of personality and a human touch through to her logo and brand

The Book

The book is a ‘how to’ guide giving step by step instructions on how to create these beautiful sugar creations. At the first instance for the project we creating a series of page templates that assisted Natalie when laying out her pages, and planning her step by step guides.

Working together to put her ideas down on paper, over many months we offered design tips, art direction advice and help with content planning.

To complete the circle we ‘polished’ making sure all the t’s were crossed and i’s dotted to ensure this beautiful creation was ready for the printing press.

It was a pleasure working with Natalie and great to see her ideas shape into this beautiful book which was eagerly anticipated within the industry.

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Natalie also sells a range of tools that she uses to create her stunning sugar flowers..

So it was only right that her packaging design reflected the look and feel of the book to help reinforce and grow the Natalie Porter Brand


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