Inklecomms is an inclusive communications company that helps people with little to low literacy levels understand day to day communications.

They have been running for many years, and after taking on some larger well known clients, they wanted to update their branding and digital platform which had not been refreshed in many years. Their branding was dated, and the website was non-responsive. They asked us to create them a visual identity that better represented them in todays market, and a website that housed their ethos, and clearly spoke to the broad audience they were talking to.


We worked with Inkcomms to give their branding a well needed refresh. Their client pool had changed from when they first opened their doors many years ago, and they wanted their branding to reflect this. Working in communication, and language the abstract ‘thought bubble’ was a favoured direction. We also worked hard on the colourings bringing together a palette that make sure the contract was high enough even for the most restricted of consumers.

They also required an identity for their newly launched product ‘Easier English’.

This is about being able to communicate and helping a wide range of abilities to make sure everyone is included. Building a sense of community, we brought the visual identity of togetherness into the logo, as well as adopting a ‘dot’ system that the company can use as a traffic light system within their work to highlight the level of simplicity.


The Inklecomms website was a bespoke design. They wanted the new website to be a clean design with a clear information based digital platform that would allow users to recognise they were in the right place quickly, and get to their end goal effortlessly.

We worked hard, not just on the design but also paying close attention to the UX of the website, and the CTAs that have been placed around the site. At no point did we want visitors to feel at a loss, or that Inklecomms maybe couldn’t help them.

Clean lines, bright photography and a bold colour palette brought this website together to be a welcoming platform that users can explore and contact with ease.

Still curious?
Go take a look at the site for for yourself here.