DVD & BLURAY packaging creative

Our brief was concise and clear for Lies We Tell – a broad spread of featured cast and a gritty ‘Northern Noir’ tone. We elected for a very monotone colour palette and a nocturnal feel with a mix of texture and contrast but with soft details.

After a warm reception to the new artwork from the Supermarket buyers we revised the colour scheme slightly for the DVD release as the artwork would need to punch out at a retail level.

Digital & Theatrical creative

Independent film producers’ promotional materials really need to work hard and when we were approached at the 11th hour to help BIFA out, we jumped at the opportunity. The current poster art was not generating the levels of interest that the film deserved and needed, so aitch were asked to create impactful keyart. The bad news was that the artwork needed to be on a poster hoarding and on-screen at the premier screening in less than a week.

We produced a raft of press advertising and digital assets to support the release.