Natalie’s Little Book of Colour

We’ve been working with Natalie for a few years now, as we helped her launch her first book which you can check out here. When she decided she wanted to produce her little book of colour, along with a fab new range of pigment colours we couldn’t have been happier to help!*

As the name suggests its all about colour. How to mix them, use them and what looks good together, where to find inspiration and how to think outside the norm to do some seriously cool things with colour!

We did a lot of research into what is already a busy market noting successes from others. The book is a guide similar to her first one so being clear, concise and uncomplicated on a topic that at times can be was key. We also obviously wanted to make an impact with literally being able to use every colour in the box. We think the final outcome is a stunning little book that falls inline with her collection, packs a punch and is invaluable to all cake makers.

The book was debuted at the NEC Cake International 2019 and has already had a huge response!

*sadly no cake was consumed during the creation of this book

Colour Sets

Along side the book, Natalie asked us to create all the lables for the Immaculate Confections Colour Set she was launching at the same time as the Little Book of Colour. Double whammy!

Natalie goes into detail within the book that there are 3 colours that make the base to mixing any colour you could want… well at least 200 of them starting with simply Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Here she launched a set of 8 to make life easier 🙂

The brief was simple. Make an impact and clearly present the colour that customers are purchasing. Not needing to reinvent the wheel, we branded her little tubes and gave as much surface area to colour as possible. It’s the simple things that sometimes make the biggest impact!