Peppa Pig World of Play

Jump into the world of Peppa Pig to laugh, learn and play!
Peppa Pig World of Play is a new indoor play attraction, designed for preschool children.

With various locations opening across the world, each with themed areas lovingly created to reference locations and scenarios from the hit animation series, we help bring the world of Peppa Pig to life and spark the imagination of your little piggies.

Our mission – to create a coherent and cohesive brand, a broad spread of supporting collateral and support the Merlin team in advertising and promoting this new venture, seamlessly marrying with the values of current Peppa Pig brand.

The Logo

It all started with the logo. Working closely with Merlin and the licensor (eOne Entertainment) we developed a broad spread of logo concepts which personified Peppa’s world and echoed the simple charm of the brand, along with the broader offering of the World of Play. Over time and through iterative reviews, we simplified and distilled down to a logo that clearly represents Peppa and symbolises the fun to be had!

Building the brand guidelines

Once the logo was established, we focused our attention on building a solid foundation for international teams to follow, in the form of comprehensive and detailed brand guidelines. In this we established a full suite of tools and a kit of parts for creating collateral as well as giving guidance on messaging, signage, uniform down to how staff and characters interact with guests visiting the attraction.

Leaflet, Map & Print

We created a core key visual that sets the tone and establishes the mood and style for all marketing collateral.

We designed and created the essential map of the attraction. We curated the style of the programme itself – featuring all the locations and characters that little ones have come to see! The map is a fundamental touchpoint for all visitors, and its effectiveness is key to successful navigation of the attraction and delivers key facilities location in a fun and on-brand manner.

When working on all materials for Peppa Pig World of Play we also had the task of considering all copy that had to be coherent both for adults as well as children. We worked hard to find a balance that worked for both audiences without losing the ethos of the brand.

As the primary audience for Peppa Pig’s World of Play is children 2-5 years old, we used clear pictograms to aid communication, and simple clear wording for the adults!

Food & Beverage basket

“We need a suitable box for a small picnic meal sold on-site”  was the brief for this part of the project. Nice and open, with plenty of room for us to brainstorm and have a play!

We had a lot of fun coming up with various options of what this picnic basket could be. We explored a ‘mini’ Peppa house, to a Campervan with all the Pig family. We came to the final design as picnic basket with blanket and wicker effect – true to the picnic baskets used in the show. We also added a range of activities onto the package to keep the little ones entertained.

Marketing & Advertising

There was a lot of marketing activity prior to each of the attractions opening which was a combination of editorial adverts, outdoor advertising, local advertising and targeted advertising.

We used the key artwork which shows children interacting, playing and enjoying themselves within areas from Peppa Pig World of Play. It was key to also always include parents getting involved too, to represent that it is a family fun day out, not just for the little ones.

Lanyard Pack

We also created this added value, fun filled lanyard Activity Pack that can be ordered online in advance of your visit. Housed within a fun, Peppa shaped die-cut, there are lots of activities to keep little ones entertained and enhance their visit. From puzzles, colouring, character hunt, spot the difference and Daddy Pig’s Lost and Found – their very own in-attraction Treasure Hunt! Plus it makes a great momento of the visit (and includes incentives to return!).

Ongoing Support

Each new location comes with its own set of customised requirements and potential for additional signage and marketing which we love to help out with. We are currently supporting the team with creative approaches to keep little people coming back time-after-time!