PJ Masks Sales and Advertising

Over the years we have worked with Entertainment One (eOne) providing many and varied graphic design concepts and effective solutions to support the ever-expanding Marketing Teams for their spread of children’s productions. 

Each of their brands have strong visual styles and corporate guidelines (many of which we have assisted with the creation of) and the team at aitch:creative have been heavily involved in working on sales and promotional materials such as brochures, promo fliers, press and digital advertising, brand extensions, point of sale, packaging, posters, exhibition graphics, website design and visitor engagment activity sheets.

Brochure Design

PJ Masks, a trio of ordinary schoolchildren by day … but by night they transform into super heroes crusading to thwart the efforts of a variety of colourful and fun villains who want to ruin everyone’s fun! The show promotes friendship, teamwork and independent thinking and is engaging, action packed and hugely entertaining! Needless to say – that dynamism has to be included in evey communication touchpoint. Our brochure designs do exactly that and follow the theme of ‘Into the Night, to Save the Day!

Print & Digital Advertising

We have produced regular and varied advertising for PJ Masks also. From brand-led promotion, through product-led to customer engaging activities, downloadable colouring sheets and make-and do’s which have been hugely successful!