Potters Crouch – Digital Platform

Potters Crouch has been a client of ours for many years now, so when it came to updating their digital platform, and supporting them in their next business venture we were delighted to support them.

Focusing on their digital presence, there were 2 tasks in hand. Update their existing website to better represent who they are and allow customers to purchase directly. Then closely followed by the launch of their subscription offering quite aptly called The Four Candles Club. Enough said really!

At the same time we were also working closely with the team on their offline offerings which can be viewed here

The website

When re-designing a site that already exists, you have to approach it differently to that of a new site being brought to the market for the very first time.

There is existing customer relationships and experience to maintain, as well as drilling down their pain-points with the existing platform to fully address going forward.

From the feedback we received we knew we needed to inject personality into the new design, shout about the environmental and ethically sourced side of the business, and integrate e-commerce making it easier for customers to purchase directly.

Their products are truly lovely! Check them out for yourself: potterscrouch.co.uk

The Four Candles Club

Potters Crouch came to us with an idea. The Four Candles Club they said…we were hooked!

There was lots of planning involved with setting the subscription up from architecting the logistics of how the whole process would work both for customers experience to how HQ would get them out the door. Then followed the packaging, marketing messages and digital platforms (promotional landing page, and updating onto the new site). It was fair to say we had a big job on our hands but we are not ones to shy away from a new challenge!

We built the landing page and website round the key marketing messages we wanted customers to know about the club. These included:

  • The RRP saving is insanely good
  • Every box sent out Potters Crouch donate to a charity that looks after our lovely planet. Because why not
  • Giving their customers flexibility and choice along with freebies! Who doesn’t love a freebie huh

View the live site here

Four Candles Packaging

As mentioned, with every box sent out Potters Crouch donate to a charity. They wanted each box sent to represent the charity they were supporting that quarter so we produced illustrations and packing labels for the next 4 boxes to go out, as well as seasonal themed labels.

The four charities they are supporting currently are:

The Marine Conservation Society
The Woodland Trust
World Wide Fund for Nature
Bumblebee Conservation Trust