Potters Crouch – Print Projects

We have been supporting Potters Crouch with all forms of communication and marketing. Along with their digital platforms and Four Candles Club subscription service which can be viewed here, we work closely with the team to bring their print collateral to life!

From the labels on their wide product range of candles, wax melts, diffusers and more, to their in-store retail stands brochures and marketing adverts.

We love working with this local company, seeing how they grow, expand and develop.

Packaging the products

We created the design of their product range based on knowing Potters Crouch target audience. We knew who we were targeting this brand towards, as well as needing the packaging to represent the premium product that was within.

We wanted to do something a little different – to offer a product that gives the look and feel of luxury and high-end but with the price point to suits most pockets.

There were serval different routes we explored during the design stage, but we finally settled with the products you see in front of you today. The darker soft grey sitting with colour combinations to compliment the various fragrance’s. Simplicity, elegance and stylishly understated.

Marketing and Advertising

Establishing a growing brand needs to get the attention of it’s potential new customers in a busy market place. Starting out as a B2B company and exhibiting at trade shows. We created a elegant brochure for Potters Crouch to showcase their brand and products.

we also ran advertising campaigns within trade magazines and target audience consumer publications all working hard to plant the seed of Potters Crouch.


Potters Crouch attend many trade shows up and down the country, and they needed a device that showcased who they are, what they do, and the huge range of products they have on offer all to be housed within a giveaway brochure that would entice potential new clients so sign up.

Following the strong core brand style that is already established, we put together a clean, elegant and flowing document.

(Free Standing Display Unit)

As their business grows they are signing up more and more stockist across the country on a regular basis. For certain stockists, Potters Crouch supply them with a FSDU. It give the brand presence within a busy marketing place as well as providing space to display the products at their very best.

The unit was designed to display their full range of products, have testers on show, hold a range of stock and advertise in the space in-which it sits.