Que Diablos

We were approached by the very talented Julian Fris to create visuals for his charity album he was putting together to support the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and celebrate his 50 years of piano playing.

“To celebrate this significant 50th year milestone, I decided to record this boogie woogie and blues album,‘Que Diablos’, featuring cover versions from heroes such as Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and donate to a very worthy cause along the way”

Single Artwork

The single artwork was inspired by the song’s itself. We knew we wanted to be lead by the music and it’s tongue and cheek message they are addressing. We were able to create the single cover that visually represents this nature, in a fun and lighthearted way.

Digital Platform

We put together a digital platform to house the story of Que Diablos. Its a central location for the whys, where’s and hows of the project, and most importantly it offers the many outlets in-which the user can download or purchase the music.

We also enjoy working with talented people on such worthy projects to achieve the best fund raising outcome.

Visit the site here to have a listen for yourself.