Stevenage Even Better

Stevenage Town Centre is having over £1billion spent on the regeneration of its public areas and surroundings. This regeneration project, spanning over 20 years will see over 7,300 homes being built, and £50M being spent on leisure, social, lifestyle activities and modernising communal areas around the the town centre.

We were brought on board to support the regeneration and create a complete branding campaign, starting with a name all the way through to advertising, website and even launching a Visitor Centre.

In 1946, Stevenage was designated the United Kingdom’s first ‘New Town’ under the New Towns Act, with the focus on being town & family living. Dedicated cycle paths were built around the whole of the town, large green open spaces, and a car free town centre. Over the years, living and spending habits have changed, so it’s time Stevenage made changes too, to keep up with the new way of town centre living.

The Identity

Working closely with Stevenage Council, we knew we had to do our research to really understand what was needed from this brand and the tasks it was going to hang off its shoulder. There are many other regeneration projects underway up and down the country, so we did our homework and had many team brainstorming meeting to work out the best direction for the brand.

After many local focus groups, development ideas for the logo, strap line options and brand messages we established one clear direction that stood head and shoulders above the others.

Stevenage Even Better. A Place for Everyone. 

Stevenage Even Better logo and lockup with strapline: a place for everyone

Brand Guidelines

With the brand approved and signed off; we produced a concise set of guidelines. These lay the foundations for Stevenage Even Better. We assigned the type kit, colour palette, advertising suite and rulings making sure the brand is always presented correctly and consistently.

In a project of this size and breadth, this document is vital. There are many departments and supporting companies that will be using the brand, and it is essential the toolkit that we prepared covers off all usage scenarios. Which it does!

Digital Platform

The digital platform supports all advertising for the project. It talks to both current and new prospective residents with a clear message and vision, illustrating how the improvements will look, the changes that are taking place, and how the process will unroll.

The website works hard to talk to lots of different visitors. From Stevenage residents who are interested to know what projects are planned and how they are developing, through to business owners looking for new premises and potential new residents looking for excellent commuting links and affordable house pricing to get their foot on the property ladder.

Keeping on brand with the magenta and grey tones, the site has been designed in a modular format so it seamlessly translates across all digital devices. It was also designed with accessibility at its core.

Our strap line is ‘a place for everyone’ and we truly believe it having all outlets reinforce this.

Take a look at the site yourself here.


We created an advertising campaign that appeals to, and engages all of the towns current and potential audiences. We aimed to visually represent the exciting opportunities that this huge regeneration will offer.

Strong images, married with hand written typography and branding prominently placed, it creates excitement and buzz around the improvements that are being done to your town.

Visitors Centre

Centrally located, and to support all marketing regarding the regeneration, together with the Council have created a Visitors Centre that allows residents, and passers by to pop in and see for themselves the changes that are happening in the town.

It gives people a place to understand the regeneration schemes, ask questions, explore the individual projects in detail and interact with iPads and digital screens on display. We have created a space that has a great community feel, and brings people of Stevenage together.

If you’re local, why not check it out for yourself:

Stevenage Regeneration Visitor Centre
4 Town Square, Stevenage SG1 1BP

Opening times:
Wednesday –  Saturday: 10am – 5pm


To be featured on all digital platforms, including the website and within the Visitor Centre, we were asked to create a brief promotional video.

We adopted the style of a series of animated stills overlaid with information. It’s fast-paced and snappy with emotive images keeping the viewer interested and engaged. It allows us to tell a broad, joined-up story in a very short time frame, to inform and intrigue passers-by to enter the Visitor Centre to find out more