Welcome to Taralandia

Taralandia is a brand new Nursery Rhymes YouTube channel.

This is the latest brainchild of the team that brought you Peppa Pig. Their intention is to make Taralandia home of the best action songs and nursery rhymes ever!

Join twins Pitti and Peter in the fun Taralandia kindergarten where every day there is a new song to sing with their friends Kitney Kittin, Pedro Pupper, Becky Babbit and Malki Marmot.

Together they form the Kewpets band, overseen by the guiding hand of their lovely teacher, Miss Ottily the Orangutan.

Branding and Digital

We have worked with the team extensively in the past, so getting on-board with this project was easy. Characters and animatics had already been developed so we had a clear vision for how it was going to work. We understood the intent and the delivery straight away and set to work producing a selection of concepts for the logo for Taralandia, and also for the ‘band’ logo Kewpets.

This involved developing customised type and exploring colour combinations that encompassed the fun, the children’s environment and the tone of the clips.

We also developed a simple responsive website to support the releases and channel traffic both to the YouTube Channel and to the Amazon shop. Have a look for yourself.


We produced artwork for the storybook ‘Pitti and Peter’s First Day’; and produced illustrations and designed the subsequent colouring book.

Both of which are available at the Taralandia online shop here