Team Jay Style Guide

Welcome to the world of adventure featuring the exploits of a magic zebra, a flying squirrel, two very sporty kids and a super-hip hamster! Brought together through their love of football, they discover the magic of teamwork!

When the gang find themselves in a pickle, working together always provides the best results.

Hand, Paw, Hand, Paw, Hoof!

Team Jay is an animated online show aimed at 5-12 year olds. It embodies key values and teaches youngsters about problem solving, teamwork, friendship, kindness and resilience… in a fun and dynamic way.

Working in partnership with Eclipse Productions we were tasked with creating a dynamic but easy-to-understand Style Guide for the show.

We immersed ourselves in the show’s ethos, environment, background and thinking and offered up creative Themes that were broader than just those covered in the show. We wanted to bring Team Jay out of the screen for the licensees and customers..

The team’s love of football is a commonality that runs throughout the show, but friendship and teamwork are also essential ingredients, as well as dealing with those that may want to get in the way of your fun!

Our approach was to look at how kids spend their time when not at school – and apply that thinking to the products and themes we developed.

Themes that we created include:

Park Life, We Love the Planet, Down Time, Friends Together & Shooting Stars.

Each theme included the following key assets:

Theme Logo, individual Theme rationale, typography guide, colour palette, key messaging, key visuals and character placements. We also produced a licensee merchandising guide.

We felt it was important to explain the rationale for our Themes to engage and excite potential and existing licensees. 

Theme Example:

Park Life.

The theme was crafted to promote time spent with friends and family, having fun, creating memories and playing, exploring and growing together. Park Life advocates and supports a healthy life style, like the team in the show by encouraging kids to keep active and enjoy themselves either on their own or as a team.

The result is a robust set of brand guidelines that is fun, comprehensive and easy to use; with clear guidelines and a good variety of content that reflect the values of the show and provides inspiration and guidance to licensees.