We don’t just use our talents for good, sometimes its for evil too!

We don’t just use our talents for good, sometimes its for evil too!

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The nights are drawing in, winter coats are being dusted off and the heating is on. It’s October and the 31st has been talked about a lot for the past few months, and there is no getting way from it… but we’re not here to talk about Brexit! We are here for the ghosts and ghouls! 

It’s not unreasonable to think that if you do something day in day out, you might not want to do it in your spare time, but not us! We blooming love what we do! Eat, sleep, design, repeat!

We love the clients we work with and getting the creative juices flowing, but that doesn’t stop the ideas from bubbling in the deep dark depths of our minds and sometimes, you just have to scratch that itch and have a little fun for yourself! Because, why not we say!

We excel at working on a broad range of projects including branding, packaging, film key art, brochures, advertising, website design and book covers, but we have many more strings to our bow that we don’t always get to showcase.

This Halloween each member of the team has been digitally transformed using our creative skills in photography and photoshopping into well known scary characters.  The alterations include adjustments to makeup, facial features and teeth. Just to be completely clear – Ellie wants it known in no uncertain terms that these are NOT her real teeth! The team have been fully transformed, and some for the better, but we’re not saying who! 😉

Working in photoshop, and adapting images is a staple skill for any graphic design agency. Many use the programme on a regular basis, but it takes time, experience and patience to be able to use it well and to its full capabilities.

Photoshop is a brilliant tool, but a difficult one to master. Dean, our creative director runs a course for ‘Photoshop for Beginners at North Hertfordshire College (https://www.nhc.ac.uk/adults/photography/photoshop-for-beginners/) helping creatives and hobbyists start their journey and overcome their initial fear … or hone their skills.

Ideal for the removal of imperfections, adjusting colour and focus to outright visual transformations, Photoshop proficiency is a brilliant weapon to have in your design arsenal.

Here are some of our ‘quick wins’ for the photoshop novices out there:

– Always work non-destructively. Use smart objects and layer masks.

– Its a simple one, but save as you go!! We’ve all been there, Photoshop crashes and hey presto, you’ve lost something that you’ve been working on for hours!

– Camera Raw can be your best friend but its good to know the basics before you get ahead of yourself!

– Make life easier for yourself by labelling your layers and keeping them organised.

– Photoshop and edit within reason. We all know it’s easy to get carried away, so as a beginner keep it natural!

– Get to know your Adjustment Layers. They can transform your image, you can stack as many as you like to a single image/layer and they are non-destructive!

Photoshop has been around for 29 years and even if you have never used it, you can’t deny the impact the software has made on modern lives, so much so that the old verb ‘airbrushed’ used to describe all altered images has now been almost universally replaced with ‘photoshopped’… even if the outcomes are a little on the ridiculous side at times (wink wink, nudge nudge!)

aitch:creative is a small but perfectly formed design agency, and as a collective of fun-loving creatives we bring many different skills, ideas and perspectives to the table. We offer a well rounded, integrated service to our customers, and it’s not just limited to photoshop!

To see the full scale of our work check out our portfolio, and maybe see what the team really look like on a day to day basis! 😉

Lastly, Happy Halloween to all and watch this space for more photoshop nonsense.

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